Work From Home

On As Simple As A Sample Wednesdays are
'Work from Home Wednesday'
Which means every week I rummage the Internet for legitimate work that can be done at home while caring for the kiddos. It's more of an all week search, but posted only on Wednesdays.

Regardless of what you seen posted on advertisements, you won't get rich or make alot of money taking surveys. You can however make a decent amount of money over time. The key to doing this is to find a good site and stick with it. Most often you have to take some low paying surveys and build up your credibility with that site.

My advice is to open a new email account just for your surveys and freebies. That way you don't mix up your personal emails with your survey emails.

Paid Survey Sites

Inboxdollars is a great place to start. I have received payment for this site, so it is a legitimate company. Get paid to read emails, play games, take surveys, try products, and more. Click on the link below to get started!

Make sure to do your research before joining any work from home jobs. Check their credibility. See what other people have said on blogs and comments. You should never pay to learn more about a company and to start working for them. Although there are very few exceptions to the rule. Avon is one of them.

Sell Beauty Products

Avon is a great work from home business. It only costs $10 to start your own business and the products are so great, they almost sell themselves. Plus, for the first 4 campaigns (2 weeks in a campaign), you get 50% off all products you sell. That means if you sell $200 worth of products, you just made 100 bucks!

The average AVON customer spends $20 or more. So if you only have 5 customers your first campaign and they all buy $20 in products, you just make $50! I'd have to say that's the worst case scenario. I made over $300 my first campaign and the more customers you get, the more you make. Plus, Avon will give you your own website and online tools to run your business. Click here to receive more information about becoming an AVON Representative.

Get Paid to Write Articles Online

Here's some really great sites to write articles. There's hundreds of sites for paid online article writing, but in my opinion these are the best. The sites listed below are intented for seasoned writers and they have style and content guidelines.

eHow: This site is probably the best paying per pageviews of any of the selections. Most provide a resume with experience as a writer. Get paid via paypal

Sponsored Reviews: Get paid to review products on your blog, pay can exceed $20 per 500 word post. Must have a blog that's at least 3 months old and must have, and maintain, at least a 2:1 ratio of non-paid to paid content.

Constant Content: Strict style guidelines. You can write requested articles with payments around $100 or more, but there's no guarantee that anyone will even buy your writing.

TextBroker: This site is much like Constant Content. Depending on your Author Quality Score, you can charge on a per word basis.

Associated Content: This is a very low paying site, one to two dollars for every thousand page views. Low upfront payments. This is a good one to put all your worst writings on.

Content Current: This is a great site to learn SEO and article writing. Get paid to write for client requested articles. This is a real writing job with strong performance pay. Build your reputation as a writer writing columns.

Demand Studios: Strict article format rules and editorial reviews. Pays $5 and $20 per article.

HubPages: This is my favorite because they allow you to write about anything. Paid via 3rd party advertisements on your posts, such as Google Adsence, Ebay, and Amazon. Get good page views due to your partnership with this well ranked site. In my opinion, as long as you have good spelling and grammar, anyone CAN write on this site

Join a Focus Group! has great opportunities to get paid by participating in focus groups. These are legit and you can make great money. Usually between $40 and $350 if you are chosen. I signed up for one paying $40 for 45 minutes and another paying $200 for all day + paid parking and lunch.
This is for US only. People living in or near a major city.

Iopinion or another name for it is Plaza Research. A great company I've make some money with. I don't think they pay less than $40 an hour or more. You can go to focus groups, online and phone interviews, and surveys.

Consumer Research Panels


National Consumer Panel - USA Only

Get free stuff for scanning your purchases. Nielson will provide you with a hand-held scanner that you use to scan the barcodes on the products you buy. Click continue to get to the sign up form.

This is a great opportunity and can be really fun. I received my scanner 2 weeks ago and so far, so good.

Win Cash Prizes - Just for Surfing the Web
Nielsen Digital Voice // NetRatings · Nielsen family members have been influential in determining the popularity of television programs for over 50 years. Here's your opportunity to participate in Nielsen's panel for the Internet. Get paid just for going about your normal everyday business on your computer. (USA only)