Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Netflix Review

My family loves to watch movies. My household consists of 2 adults, a 3 year old boy, and a one year old boy. As you can imagine, everyone always wants to watch something different. Although we have four TVs in the house, it's always a battle for the one in the living room. Which is the only one that includes a 42 inch flat screen with surround sound. My husband wants to play his Xbox 360 Live games. I want to watch Grey's Anatomy. The kids want to watch Disney movies. No one seems to be interested in watch cable.

Solution to the problem? Netflix

I can't tell you how much I love Netflix. It's direct delivery to your mailbox and direct streaming to your Wii, PlayStation3, or Xbox360. I only pay $14 a month for unlimited, 2 DVDs mailed at a time and unlimited direct streaming. You can get other plans that fit your family, such as:

1 DVD at time for $9,
2 at a time for $14,
3 at a time for $17,
4 at a time for $24, etc.

Plus with Netflix we can watch any movies or TV episodes they offer, streamed instantly through our Xbox (in our Living room) and Wii (in Master Bedroom).

My favorite thing about the instant streaming is that they offer tons of Disney and PBS Educational cartoons such as Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, Sid the Science Kid, Super Why, Blue's Clues, Disney's Bolt, Disney's Astro Boy, etc. My three year old son is really into Thomas the Train. I used to spend alot of money buying Thomas DVDs. Now that we have Netflix, they offer at least 20 different Thomas the Train movies on instant streaming. That alone saves my family money.

Another great feature is that you can surf the web. Download the Internet Channel and surf the web on your TV. Chat and update your status on your favorite social sites. Down hundreds of classic and new games.

You can visit to get your first month absolutely free! It only takes 2 days to get your first DVDs in the mail.

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