Saturday, October 16, 2010

Freebies from ShopText

Current offer: Get Free Mary Kay products (e.g. mascara) when you text the word MARYKAY to 467467 on your cell phone and reply with an age between 13-24!!

ShopText is a free service for consumers. After you visit the ShopText website and sign up you’ll be notified of upcoming offers. To request an offer, just text the keyword (each offer has a different keyword) to their number: 467467, and they’ll respond whether it’s still available or not. If it is, they’ll verify your phone number or zip code, and your freebie will be on the way! You can also text the word TIPS to 24475 and get up to 4 messages per month. Check here to see current offers available.

New offer:  Free Herbal Essences Headband!!  Text the word HERBAL to 467467 then reply with age 18 and UPC 381519030789

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